1. Those Iceland photos really brought back memories. In 1968 I went to England via Icelandic Airlines and took the stopover package, not really having any idea of what it would be like. I fell in love with the place and wished I could stay longer. Always meant to go back but never did.

  2. I had a dear friend , a single woman, who lived and worked for many years in Iceland….she loved it.Great blog and I will be interested in coming back for more, and checking out your recipes.(I am also interested in your going to DC;I was born and raise in the suburbs, and am sorry I ever left.)

  3. Okay so I’m totes double-stalking you this week, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love this blog too. I’m the one from over on instagram who holla’d love and appreciation at you yesterday…this is my supposedly secret wordpress identity. Keep up all the great work and I will keep on happily gazing on too. Love. X

  4. Wow! Love what you’ve got going here — beautiful pictures and mouthwatering concoctions. I’ll definitely be making the rhubarb ginger jam this summer when I can get my hands on some fresh rhubarb!

  5. So much in common – I, too, make my own food and have some large cabbages in the garden just waiting to be turned into sauerkraut. But I will also try your ginger-carrot ferment. So you learned that at Sacred Plant Traditions, Kathleen Maier’s place in C’ville? I am thinking about signing up for Kathleen’s clinical herbalism class this fall/winter to deepen my studies in that area.
    I lived in the DC area for almost 20 yrs and am now an “ex-pat” in the Alleghany Mtn range on the outer Western edge of VA.
    I love the idea of bartering and am impressed that you were able to found such a circle. How many people participate and how does it work practically (e.g. how do you determine value of what you want to trade in for what you are looking for?).

  6. Hello, I think this site is very wholesome and validates people who are trying to do the best with what they have. Great site.

  7. jess- just made a magic spell salad like the one in your pic- have never been a cook- unless i do it this way:-) thanks for your unique creativity and sharing

  8. Hi there! Just wanted to say I love your blog. Really liking the film photography and your writing is filled with personality! Keep up the great work! xx

  9. You’ve inspired me to try some of your recipes! I live in Manhattan and use my oven for storage, so this is a really big deal!

  10. Great blog you have here! Looking forward to following and reading more of your awesome posts. Best wishes!! :D

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